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Je poste ma troisième notion pour mon oral d'anglais, j’aimerais quel soit corriger si possible car mon prof est en vacances, de plus elle est un peu longue et dépasse les 5min imposée donc si vous avez une idée de quelques truc que je peux enlever ou dire plus simplement je suis ouverte d'avance, la notion c'est l'idee de progres ( en rapport avec les technologies, transhumanisme etc )

i am going to present the notion “idea of progress” across the topic of robots and technology. firstly progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change ; technical or scientific advance contributes to making the world a better place. progress is an innovation that allows the modernization of the society and the evolution of the human mind. the question is how technological progress change our world and what are the dangers?

technology and robots are a great help. technology is part of our daily lives : smartphones, tvs, computers, internet, video games, music-playing devices, ect.. robots are more and more present in our society, for example in industry we use more and more robots. in 2012, rethink robotics, a start-up company, created a robot which protects the human workers it assists. the aim of this robot is to work directly with humans. therefore humans are more and more helped in their jobs. on one hand it's benefit because it develops job of engineer and programmers, robots are stronger, more precise than humans and produce higher-quality and faster work. but on the other hand, it takes the job of some workers. robots have qualities and defaults but they allow a great progress in many domains.

but we are more and more dependent of this assistance. an experience in lincoln high school shows the addiction of teenagers to technology. the english teacher asked his students to unplug all technological devices, during four days. students felt anxious but they said it's an eye-opener, it allows to discover new things, take time to think about the world, technology and what impact it has on our society. even people who didn’t think of being dependent, realized that they were. karl marx said : "the production of too many useful things results in too many useless people". and it's true. we're totally dependent of technology, who are we without technology ? we can't do something without technological help. in the text, paige says : “ technology is a great help but we don't need it.” it's true that in some case we use technology while we don't need it, but in our modern society we can't work or communicate without technology. and it’s a big problem, that is why it's important to disconnect sometimes to take time for ourselves.

today, the technological progress can make us become better but the ethical question comes up. for stephen hawking, there is a real danger that computers take over the world. he say that they double their performance every month and humans progress much more slowly. for him, the solution is to change our dna to keep advance in computer technology. or to develop connection between brain and computer to improve human intelligence. it's true that can be a good idea but humans with artificial brains, are they still humans ? this raises a question of ethics, do we have the right to change human nature? it's the same question for designer babies. we use technology to select genes and by consequences select traits of the baby : the colour of eyes, hair, the height, the weight, how far can we go in the name of science? this is an important question, there are no correct answer because on one hand we can improve our capacity and become better, stronger, healthier but on the other hand we don’t have the right to make what we want with genetic.

the technological progress allows us to be more productive, to increase our capacities and the possibilities but we have to remain careful and not become dependent. we have to pay attention how we use technology and who use it because technology has a great power. robots cannot take the control of the earth alone. we mustn’t let ill-intentioned people get their hands on it. to my mind we can use technology carefully to improve our capacity, make a better and safer world, create a more ecological society. however the biggest risk remains the increasing dependence of the new generation to the technologies and their incapacity to manage alone.

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