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Ayant mon oral d'anglais a la rentrée et un prof beaucoup absent au cours de l'année et maintenant en vacances, pourriez vous me corriger mon texte d'oral et si vous avez des conseils je suis preneuse ^^

the world around us is characterized by the notion "spaces and exchanges". indeed, always, people have always conquered new lands which resulted in ethnic, linguistic, cultural and economic interactions. today, the united states is the perfect illustration of the melting pot where all the different cultures are mixed. this multicultural society is a consequence of the american dream.
today, immigration in the usa is still topical but we can ask ourselves if the american dream still alive today. to answer this question, first we are going to talk about the reasons why immigrants go to the usa, next we will define the american dream. finally we will analyze different examples of immigration.

first, people who decide to emigrate are the ones who know poverty, hunger, lack of water or even dictatorships. they dreaming of meet better living conditions which are political, economic or social.(maladroit non ? ) for example, farah naficy was born in iran and spent her childhood during the revolution. to have more independence, her mother decided to immigrate to the usa and settled in california. thus by being forced to flee from her native country, farah naficy became a political refugee. another example is nelly rodriguez. this student, without papers, of latin american origin, arrived in the usa, as a child, to know a better future and a professional success. in the same way fareed zakaria, an indian, was fascinated by the wealth of the united states. he immigrated by careerism. but unlike nelly, it was his choice.

then these immigrants have a common point: they want to try their luck in the usa. all chose this destination because they are attracted by the american dream. this concept was invented by james truslow adams in 1931. it is the idea that everybody can succeed in the usa as long as this person is courageous, hard-working and determined. no matter where this person was born or what his social background is, as soon as he has these qualities, he can become rich and successful.

so like thousands of colonists, today, immigrants come to find the wealth and the glory in the usa but everything doesn’t always go as planned. indeed, when she arrived, farah naficy felt as an outsider and was homesick. immigrants have difficulties to become integrated and the exchanges between communities are rare. as for nelly rodriguez, she can’t obtain a title of legal residence even if she lives in the usa since numerous years. she would like to become an american citizen in order to study in the usa and take her exams and graduate.. she needs for it that the dream act is voted otherwise she might be deported. so for these two girls, the american dream seems to be an illusion. however for fareed zakaria it is not the case. indeed, after immigrating, he became a harvard graduate and he is currently a contributing editor at time magazine.

as a result, we can say that the usa with its greatness still gives immigrants the opportunity to improve their life and to have a shot at the american dream. nevertheless, this american dream has changed over the centuries, that’s why new immigrants can meet obstacles and difficulties. but the usa was created thanks to the immigration and is still a nation of immigrants. the american dream is still alive today.

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